Essentials of mobile website design in 2013


Mobile websites are in vogue due to an increasing trend of smart phones usage in 2013. There are various essentials that

need to be considered by the web designers when planning to design a mobile website.

Focus on design simplicity: 

An over cluttered design means a failure of mobile design. The key is to make a design that has minimal cluttering and offers clarity in a single glance.

Colors play a vital role:

There is great significance of colors in a mobile website design. Colors have great power and this can serve as a great tool for communicating your message to the target audience.

Loading time counts a lot:
Loading time is of great concern to the user and you must ensure that the website loads quickly on various types of mobile used by the customers.
Photographic backgrounds have great worth:

Large background photos capture the attention of the reader immediately and these need

to be incorporated in the mobile website to engage the users immediately.

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